Queen's Theatre Seating Plan

The delightful Queen’s Theatre seats 1,099 people across three levels, the stalls, dress circle and upper circle.

The stalls cover rows BB to V, anywhere between one and 27 seats wide. The dress circle covers rows A to L, at most 26 seats wide with a central aisle. And the upper circle is the same size with the same seating arrangement.

There are bargain seats in the stalls either side of the orchestra pit with reasonable views. In general the centre seats in row D backwards provide the best legroom and visibility, with M25 and 26 also popular as good all-rounders. On the dress circle seats B21 and 22 have decent legroom, A25 delivers excellent views of the stage and any position as far back as row K is a good choice. Bear in mind that the dress circle boxes are closed.

The upper circle isn’t too high or steep so all the seats up there are pretty good. You’ll find 21 steps down from the foyer to the stalls, 3 down to the dress circle and 39 up to the upper circle. And there are steps between the rows in the two circles.